Frequently Asked Questions

Driver Direct is a buying program for Cameron Motorsports. Together, they are a leading buyer and seller in the automotive industry through multiple auction channels in today’s marketplace. The team harnesses their combined 50 years or more experience in the industry to provide you with an offer-opportunity to buy your car. We have no reason not to follow through on our word and we believe in honesty along with integrity. We ask that you are honest and fair with us and in turn, we will do so with you.

With Driver Direct and the associates that manage it, we can not pay you in cash because that is not safe to handle cash out in the open. We pay you with a certified business check or pay your bank with a certified business check if you have a loan.

After you submit pictures, miles, and the vin for your car, we will have an offer to you in about 30 mins. We also want to speak with you about your car, so expect a call from one of our professional associates. 

We do buy cars that may be in need of cosmetic or mechanical work and it is important for you to disclose this information during your offer submission. Your offer will absolutely change if we come to pay you, pick up the car, and there are conditions that you did not disclose such as: body damage – engine problems – warning lights on – transmission problems – structural/frame problems.

Short of the answer is, no. Your vehicle needs to be able to run or at least run poorly under its own power in order for us to buy your car. 

We understand that some vehicles may have certain criteria that warrants a discussion/resolution to get the vehicle bought. At the end of the day, that’s what we want to do – BUY your car. 

We sure do. We will process your offer both with you and the lien holder who holds the Title to your car. Your car will be paid off and we will request the Title from your financial institution. 


In the event you owe less on your vehicle than the offer from us, we will write you a check and the other check we will send to pay off your loan or lease. 


In the event, you own more than the offer from us, you will need to provide us with a payment for the negative amount (sometimes loans on cars are higher than what they are worth in today’s market).  

Yes we do. This is a fairly simple transaction with us. The Title to the vehicle must have your name or you must have a power of attorney to sign over the Title to us. 

We will buy them but understand that the value is significantly impacted in today’s market.

Yes we do. This process is different than our retail process, please email:

Our offers are valid for 7 days starting the day we sent you an offer. After 7 days, your offer will go down by $500.00. You must agree to sell your car within the timeframe mentioned through either email or by starting the sales process.

We will arrange for pick up of your vehicle and this will be handled by appointment. Yes, you can come by 1 of our 2 locations or we can arrange a meeting at a designated safe place in your city or town as defined by safe meetup locations near you, such as Police Stations.